This website was created in order to help with NIST’s post-quantum standardisation process. A centralised website for these implementation results means they are much easier to find, and one can also discover what research has already been undertaken and what hasn’t.

How to add your own results

  1. Head to the GitHub repository of the website.
  2. Find the data file of what table you wish to update:
  3. Edit the file and add a new entry following the structure:
    • Hardware and microcontroller entries look like this:
     - Authors: James Howe, Tobias Oder, Markus Krausz, Tim Güneysu
       PQC Type: Lattice-Based
       Crypto Type: KEM
       Crypto Target: Frodo
       Device: Artix-7 FPGA
       Date: 17 July 2018
       Reference: eprint/2018/686
       Conference: CHES 2018
    • SCA entries similarly look like this:
     - Authors: Martin R. Albrecht and Amit Deo and Kenneth G. Paterson
       PQC Type: Lattice-Based
       Crypto Type: KEM
       Crypto Target: Kyber, NewHope
       Attack Type: Cold boot attack
       Date: 12 July 2018
       Reference: eprint/2018/672
       Conference: CHES 2018
  4. Submit this change and then create a pull request. Once this has been approved the table will automatically update.
  5. (Optional) Please add a new post about your addition! To do this just copy and paste the example file in the directory _posts, and rename the file to your choosing, but please ensure the file name begins with the date of the post. The example just includes the paper’s abstract, but feel free to add more details if desired!